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We work with you to design and create learning solutions for your people so they can be at their best.


Instructional Design


We will work with you to design and customize content that will engage your teams and spark their internal drive to improve their performance and results: 

eLearning Development - Articulate Storyline 360

Instructional Design for instructor led - Learner Centered Design

Human Performance Consulting


Sales teams, data modelers, mid-level managers, and others face ongoing skill building challenges.  

Learning Ignited can help your organization identify your exact learning/skill building needs, source the appropriate vendor, customize the learning to your needs, manage the implementation of the selected learning offering and work with your organization to evaluate the ROI.

Curricula Design & Development


Learning Ignited has developed curricula for a variety of audiences and programming:

Culture Initiative Programming

Leadership Development

Aspiring Leaders

Individual Contributors

New Employee Orientation

Client Experience/Customer Excellence,
and more...

Facilitation | Team Building


Learning Ignited has designed and facilitated hundreds of learning sessions and team building events.  Are you looking for professional facilitators to lead your next engagement?

Design Thinking (Human Centered Design) 

-Certified Practitioner

Change Management (Prosci certified)

Employee Recognition 

Performance Management

Coaching and Collaboration

Hermann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) -Certified Practitioner 

PDI Profilor - 360 Coach

Client List and Testimonials


Learning Ignited has had the pleasure to work with the following organizations, and more:


Seal Software

Evolent Health

Panera Bread

Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill

Department of Labor

Long and Foster Realtors

Brake Check

Air Visual


What's Hot in L&D?


The field of Learning and Development is evolving dramatically.  What's new lately?  At Learning Ignited, we follow people like Marcus Buckingham, Josh Bersin, and Dan Pink. 

Check out Josh Bersin's recent article about virtual reality.


Client Experiences with Learning Ignited, LLC

"Sharla came to my attention when a successful side project needed full-time attention. I didn’t have the staff to cover the project, and one of my Sr. leaders recommended her. Recommendation from that Sr. leader never came easy because she is tough, and the recommendation she gave was glowing. Sharla’s resume impressed, and Sharla’s response to our try-out also impressed. I assigned a mini-project to assess her skills, and she did exceptionally well in a short period of time. But, replacing the Sr. leader from my team that had been assigned to the project was not going to be easy. The internal customer loved the work that she produced, and Sharla was going to have to meet the high expectations that she had previously set.

Even with such high expectations, Sharla has not disappointed – in fact, she exceeded my expectations - and exceeded the expectations of the internal customer we contracted Sharla to support.  My Sr. lead spent minimal time with Sharla conveying the content for the courses, and Sharla rapidly translated the feedback into high-quality, interactive, eLearning courses to add to an expanded Sales development series. The internal customer is expanding the scope of the original agreement with Sharla because she is so pleased with the quality and timeliness of the work.

Sharla is a first contact for me for future learning & development projects, eLearning or otherwise. Sharla is talented, responsive, professional and self-directed. She has my highest recommendation."
Bill Sawyer, Director of Learning Services, Seal Software

"...part of Sharla's talent is to make you feel an integral part of the core team.  Sharla's insight and execution around the employee development needs of relevance to XYZ organization ensure that the training program provides the support and encouragement individuals at all levels require to move the culture forward.  She excels in ensuring training content and design meet with learning objectives, and then aligning overall curriculum content with performance gaps.  The resulting comprehensive learning solutions are designed to build leadership and engagement across the multi-faceted business lines and create commitment to ongoing personal and professional development."

Felicity Tagliareni,  Executive Consultant | Principal ~ 2EnGAUGE 

"I sought Sharla out to work with us to create our training materials for Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill.  Although I had only met her briefly while at her previous position, her reputation preceded her.  She not only met my expectations, she exceeded them.  She listened carefully to what I was looking for and made great suggestions for how to structure our training that I hadn't considered.  The result?  Our new concept had top notch training materials for associate level employees and managers that helped reinforce our high standards of excellence.  Side benefit?  Our franchisees and potential franchisors are very impressed that we have such comprehensive, high-quality training programs in place already.


I highly recommend Sharla.  She is easy to work with, smart, open and an expert in her field.  She takes great pride in the quality of her work and my team has benefitted greatly from that."

Alon Mor, Founder and Former CEO, Garbanzo Mediterranean Grill 

"Sharla is a passionate and dedicated learning and development professional with endless energy and talents for teaching and training. Not only can she craft training materials she is even more adept at managing the implementation and delivery of the information. Over the years, Sharla has mentored many successful managers and helped with the development of their careers.  Sharla would be an asset to any company with needs for improving their training programs."

Ron Boatright, former Regional Vice President, Au Bon Pain restaurants


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