Learner Centered - Instructional Design

We can help your organization build one course or a curriculum of courses about any topic - 

with access to your
subject matter experts.  

We can help you improve content you have already built or convert your instructor-led courseware over to microlearning.

eLearning Development

All eLearning is definitely not created equally.

Learning Ignited is compelled to create smart, engaging, learner-centric eLearning that is as long as it needs to be to convey the content appropriately.  

Articulate Storyline 360 is our
development tool of choice.

Change Management

As we are all painfully aware, change is constant - at work, at home, at play.  It is inescapable.

And, as Prosci, a change management organization leader says, "organizations don't change - the individuals within those organizations change" - one at a time, at their own pace...

We have experience with and can help you and your organization navigate change in job roles, processes, desired cultural behaviors, and more.

Sales Training | Enablement

Your sales teams are probably a bit stressed and overwhelmed and you want to help them be as successful as you can, right?  

How do you add value to your 

sales team? Provide them with: 

  1. Top notch selling skills  
  2. Easy and timely access to the needed info/ product updates
  3. Engaging & easy to absorb content*
  4. Sales Leader Development - leaders can effectively coach the team in the field

*content is in sync with marketing - 'a single truth' vs conflicting messages or versioning issues.

We have experience with and can help you select the top sales training provider for you, assist with customization, if needed, and implementation of programming, sales leader coaching development, and reinforcement plan.

Facilitation | Team Building

Does your team have rock stars but still isn't performing as it should?  

Effective team sessions identify key individual talents and how the team can leverage and appreciate them - improving team performance vs perpetuating conflict.

Superior facilitation skills make the difference at any event - learning, problem-solving, culture and goal setting... Let us help you achieve your desired results! 

Content Expertise

As learning and development consulting professionals, we spend time with subject matter experts within an organization and learn about topics in the short-term.  One of the services provided is to create high-quality learning based on those conversations.

We also have years of knowledge and experience in topic areas through working in those areas or building and facilitating learning sessions regarding them.

Presentation Skills
Facilitation Skills
Change Management
Emotional Intelligence

 Influencing Without Authority Collaboration | Having Impact in a Matrixed Environment 

Customer Service
Giving Recognition
Communications Skills
Difficult Conversations
Interpersonal Skills
Giving Feedback
Coaching and Counseling
Meeting Management
Leadership Skills
General Managerial Skills
Managing Teams
New Manager Orientation
Onboarding Programs

Employee Harassment Programs
Diversity and Inclusion
Interviewing and Selection
Restaurant Management Content