About Us


Our Experience

After more than 25 years providing learning and development consulting internally to several large organizations in the hospitality and financial services industries, we are now sharing our passion for human performance improvement more broadly with a wide variety of organizations spanning many industries. 

Talk to us today about how we can support the performance improvement of your people, increase employee engagement, and put you on a solid track to meet or exceed your business targets.


Our Approach

We listen and learn from you about what your people need to be at their best. Partnering with you, we take a learner-centered approach; building each eLearning or microlearning module, live course or full curriculum - with the individual in mind from the start.  

We communicate clearly and frequently, educating you about the myriad of potential solutions available.  We guide you in the selection of the best solution to meet the needs of your team or in a decision to build a custom program.  We then prepare and present a proposal with recommended deliverables, a project plan with timelines and milestones, and pricing. 

Putting the pieces together; building a better future with stronger performance and results

Why Us?

We are highly invested in your success, because when you win, we win.  We have a history of putting our clients first and producing high-quality learning and development products and engagements.  

As Josh Bersin noted in an article about modern day learning and us as learners - time is scarce and we can only devote 24 minutes a week to formal learning. 

We will make those 24 minutes count by delivering what your people need, when they need it, in a way that engages them so they can internalize it, retain it, and apply it.